A Little Story About Nostra

While watching Netflix a thought struck our mind, that why in every Hollywood drama families are having peanut butter for breakfast? 

After our research on kinds of butter, our next step was to see peanut butter in Bollywood drama breakfast table…..just kidding! We were so amazed by the number of health benefits peanut butter is providing that it became “love at first bite” kind of situation for us.

We started with basics and launched two categories of Nut butter and named us Just Nuts: because there were only nuts in our mind.

– Just Nuts Peanut Butter

– Just Nuts Almond Butter

After all the good nutty support from our peanut butter fans, we thought of keeping it all natural and expanding the love to nuts, beans, and seeds. In this process of innovating we became nostra from just nuts whilst keeping our aim to provide healthy and tastier lifestyle intact! A whole array of plants based products was developed and added to our range of products without adding any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.


Easy, Tasty & Natural

Nothing Extra
We don't add any artificial colours, flavours or any other preservatives to make our products grow naturally yet different from others by supporting non-GMO too.
Natural Lifestyle
We believe in developing and providing a natural lifestyle to our customers through our wide range of healthy products. We help make your snacking easy and 100% nutritive.
100% Vegan
Our intention is to define plant-based products in a way that encourage people to embrace vegan lifestyles by being kinder to animals by avoiding the consumption of dairy products.
Gluten Free
Without any flaw, our products are perfect for gluten-free dieters who avoid consuming grains like wheat, rye, and barley to improve their cholesterol levels, digestive health, and energy levels.

Founder's Story

The umbrella brand Nostra goes a while back when the two of us, the founding partners Shivam & Abhinav decided to make homemade peanut butter. We brought some peanuts, roasted them to perfection and gave it a nice blend. The outcome you ask? A divine, dreamy and delectable creamy affair. The natural flavour was so satisfying that it received a response so uplifting we  had never imagined. 

After putting our heads together, we were blown away by the wholesome health benefits of peanuts and later even dived into the good old almonds. What started immediately after was the brand Just Nuts because it was completely, boldly, and luxuriously only nuts. Just nuts was later evolved into Nostra foods which now includes a variety of natural products like almond flour, nut butters, green coffee, seeds, but the essence remains the same- classic, natural and healthy!