Detox N Chill

Prep Time : 6-7 Mins.

Serve : 4 Mugs/Cups

Fresh  |  Antioxidant  |  Drink

Where you at Coffee Lovers? If your day and night begins and ends with coffee then you have clicked at the right place. If you are a teeny little bit more addicted to coffee than you should be, you don’t realize that it is doing more harm to your body than good. With every extra cup of coffee, you are inviting problems like high blood pressure, fatigue and even anxiety(as if we already didn’t have enough). But we feel you when you say that how miserably you have failed following a detox routine. Fret not fellas for we have just the perfect excuse for detox- more coffee. Well,  you read that right! So don’t waste any more time and jump to the recipe for Detox N Chill

  • It maintains weight
  • Make your digestive health better
  • Boost immune function
  • Increases energy levels

Calories——————————————  185

Total Fat—————————————–  12 g

Carbs——————————————— 10 g

Dietary Fiber—————————————3 g

Sugars———————————————-6 g

Protein———————————————12 g

  • 100 ml of green coffee beans
  • 30 ml of sugar can juice
  • Juice of 1 whole lime
  • 1 cup of coarsely crushed ice
  • 100 ml of sparkling soda water 
  • Boil some water and take the pot off the flame. 
  • Put some green coffee beans and let the goodness infuse in the water. Strain after some time. 
  • Let it cool.
  • Now mix sugar cane juice and squeeze a fresh lime. 
  • Add some mint leaves, sparkling soda water to it and shake shake shake! 
  • Top it with crushed ice and serve chill. 

Well put on your favorite Netflix series because you have just the drink to detox and chill!