Granola Delight

Prep Time : 15-20 Mins.

Freeze Time : 6-7 Mins.

Yeilds : 6

Protein Loaded  |  Healthy  |  Granola Bars

No matter how heavy the meal, there is always place for midnight snacking and remember those long metro journeys where you can think of nothing but something to munch on! You want to avoid the oily wafers, chips and nachos but can’t seem to think of any other way. Well what if we told you there is a healthier (and tastier) way to send the hunger pangs away! So if you want to maintain your weight or are always on the lookout for something tasty- the answer is the same – a fulfilling granola bar made from a wide range of Nostra seeds and nuts, a whole and tasty substitute. So just scroll down and read ahead for a tasty delight that awaits you!

  • Eating almonds is supposed to reduce hunger so you won’t be loading on the excess calories while having a granola bar.
  • Seeds are great source of fiber
  • They provide healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and many important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Calories——————————————  185
  • Total Fat—————————————–  12 g
  • Carbs——————————————— 10 g
  • Dietary Fiber—————————————3 g
  • Sugars———————————————-6 g
  • Protein———————————————12 g
  • Unroasted oats
  • Half cup Nostra Almonds
  • Chopped half Raisins
  • According to taste Dried cranberries
  • According to taste Unsalted cornflakes
  • Half cup Nostra Mixed nuts and seeds
  • Half cup Honey
  • Half cup Brown sugar
  • Half cup Butter 
  • Take a non-stick pan and put butter, honey and brown sugar in it.
  • Now in a different pan toast oats and almonds. 
  • Mix both the ingredients together and simmer the flame
  • Now add mixed nuts and seeds, dried cranberries and raisins. 
  • Mix well and spread it together in a cooling tray. For better results use a butter paper. 
  • Press the mixture spread and let it cool for 6-7 hours. 
  • Cut the mixture into bars and enjoy munching all day everyday!