Chocolate Peanut Butter

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The deliciousness of chocolate and goodness of peanut butter whipped into a perfect blend of taste and health. Just Nuts Chocolate Peanut Butter is just the product for those who love to combine the aromatic flavour of chocolate and peanuts.

  •  Rich in healthy Fats, Fibre & Protein. 
  •  11g Protein Per Serving
  • Best for children and growing teens
Size : 340 grams
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  • Suitable for children, growing teens and young adults.
  • Can be used in spreads, the binding agent in granola, energy bars or oatmeal.
  • Suitable to use straight from the jar or as toppings.
  • Natural energy and immunity booster, perfect for everyday use.
  • Can be used to gain or balance weight.

Health benefits

  • It contains about 49 grams of magnesium, which is good for muscle recovery, mental health and also great for bone building.
  • The Just Nuts Chocolate Peanut Butter is packed full of proteins, minerals, essential vitamins and all the healthy fat that you need.
  • The Protein Present in The Just Nuts Chocolate Peanut Butter helps you feel fuller for longer and also repairs and builds muscle tissues.
  • No more swooning with laziness because it is an amazing energy booster, perfectly charging you to ace the day.



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