Golden Flax Seeds

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The golden flax seeds also known as the Dakota Gold have a host of wonderful health benefits and nutrients that you won’t be able to say no to! Unlike regular flax seeds, they have a hard outer covering which means more fibre! They also are low in calories and have higher protein content. A pack of Golden Flax seeds from Nostra have a light nutty and buttery flavour which makes it super easy to incorporate them in any dish! 

  • Suitable for all age groups 
  • Can be consumed at any time of the day 
  • Suitable to be used with yoghurt, milk, water, greens and fruits alike
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  • Suitable for all age groups 
  • Can be used  in any form deemed best for consuming(powder or whole) 
  • Suitable to be used in salads, greens, and as a garnish or main ingredient in the dressing 
  • Can be whipping with yoghurt or blend with smoothies, shakes and even ice creams to add crunch 
  • Can also be consumed with milk or water

Health benefits

  • Amazing for weight balance as it low in calories and fats as compared to other variants of flax seeds
  • Rich in protein and fibre which means that a small portion will make you feel full and give you the necessary nutrients and energy to drive the day
  • Super easy to incorporate in recipes because of the golden colour of the seeds, very versatile to amp up the health factor of any regular dish.


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