Raw Chia Seeds

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A pack full of health, taste and nutrients to face the day! Gift yourself the goodness of chia seeds and avail the perks of a fitter you! An all in one product for your zinc, copper, iron, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids needs. 

  • Suitable for all age groups. 
  • Fit to be consumed raw, as a dressing, topping, shakes, smoothies and whole casserole dishes. 
  • Can be taken at night. 
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  • Suitable for all age groups. 
  • Can be consumed at any time of the day.
  • Suitable for use as a main ingredient in energy/nutrition bars, granolas, oatmeals.
  • Can be ground to make dips, sauces, blend in smoothies, shakes and yoghurt. 
  • Suitable to consume raw in any form – seeds or powder. 
  • Can be used as a garnish or topping for salads, dressing, cookies, brownies, biscuits. 

Health benefits

  • Chia seeds from Nostra foods provide the maximum amount of energy from minimum calories, trying to lose that weight? Now you know! 
  • The high fibre and protein content make chia seeds a perfect pick for vegetarians to get their dose of health and muscle. 
  • An excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and iron, these seeds always aim to keep you one step ahead in the health game.


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