Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Powder

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Derived from the natural deposits occurring in the Himalayan foothills and ground to fine perfection. The Crushed Pink Himalayan Rock Salt from Nostra foods is rich in taste and infused with the benefits of natural minerals and iodine. The pink colour comes from the presence of iron oxide which is a testimonial to the purity of 84 natural minerals.

  • Suitable for all age groups. 
  • Can be used for cooking or as a finishing salt.
  • Can be used as a bath salt. 
  • Rich in iodine, and abundant with potassium, calcium and magnesium.
Size : 400 grams
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  • Can be used in cooking or as a finishing salt
  • A pinch full of crystals added to bathwater can be used for bathing, exfoliation or just soaking legs and hands
  • Suitable for all age groups 
  • Can be used to infuse drinking water to maintain ph levels of the body

Health benefits

  • Drinking sole water in the morning (sole water is super easy to make, just add one tablespoon Pink Himalayan Rock Salt to a jar full of water and let it sit overnight) flush out toxins from the body and detoxifies your body on a daily basis. 
  • It stimulates hydrochloric acid in the stomach which is an enzyme aiding in the breakdown of food thus maintaining proper digestive health.
  • Add a pinch of salt to lukewarm bathwater and let it do wonders. The presence of natural zinc helps exfoliate, smoothen, and refreshes your skin all at the same time.
  • Soak your feet and hands in warm water infused with the Pink Himalayan Rock Salt and let your muscle cramps go away.


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